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Harnessing Gratitude to Harness your Twin Flame!

Gratitude that you’re reading this article!  It’s going to be an article about gratitude and using gratitude to attract your Twin Flame.  But first, thanks for reading and I’ll talk about using gratitude to get what you want.


Twin Flame Love


My dream of becoming a writer came true through gratitude of something small.

I became a writer by writing an article about mini apartments while living in Shanghai. It was a random topic given to me by the editor 3 days before it was due. I took the job because it was at least something…I really wanted to write! But what I really wanted to write on was wellness, nutrition, and fitness. I was living in Shanghai as an expat and certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant for mostly expats. Everyone  who came to Shanghai experienced the same thing: social hours over noodles, rice, fried things, lots of banquets every week, and all you-can-eat brunch buffets…then 15 pounds later it hits you: you’ve gained the Shanghai 15! I wanted to write to spread my ideas and tips and tricks I’d learned to help me stay slim and healthy in the city that doesn’t stop fryin’ stuff. For me, writing was something I’d always loved but my dream of becoming a fitness and nutrition writer seemed like a big one.  Twin Flame Love

Gratitude success steps:

So, this is how I did it. I took what came. I took it with acceptance and then with gratitude. The mini apartments job got published and within a month, I got monthly columns in Shanghai’s top expat magazines. Over my 1.5 years in Shanghai, I had many exciting opportunities that spread from my first writing gigs, including a yoga modeling job (and I didn’t even do yoga then), and a gig where I posed as a couple camping sleeping bag with a really hot model who didn’t speak any English!

Somehow, when we stay in a space of gratitude, something always comes next.

The universe taught me a lesson: start somewhere, accept it, get grateful for it, and something really juicy will come along!  I always forget to be in a state of gratitude until I have to remind myself. Then goodies seem to miraculously fall from the sky.  Seriously, if there’s one thing missing in your Law of Attraction steps, it’s probably gratitude. We’re human, we’re designed to want more more more more, and it’s so easy to forget to be in the moment and in love and gratitude for what you have.  But the trick is, once you accept what you have, the universe pulls you up to the next level of receiving.

Gratitude opens you up to a vibration of receiving.Twin Flame Love

To be in a vibration of gratitude, all you have to do is get into the feeling. I like to smile when I feel gratitude, it happens naturally.  You can simply focus on the gratitude, the blessings in your life. Even the imperfect blessings, like your home that is too small, your body that has asymmetry, your children that cause you strife, or your singledom that causes you loneliness at times.

To get to the Twin Flame vibration, you gotta be grateful for the love that you already have.

You are great. Get grateful for that!  You my single sista’ (or guy if you’re reading this), are worth a million bucks…more, infinite bucks.

Twin Flame Sacred SexualityYou are a priceless gift from God/Goddess and it’s not even funny.  Can’t you tickle yourself pink for being you!?  You are a rockstar, a rainbow of love, a lifetime of experience reflecting your own curiosity.  There is so much you offer to the world, so much you care about, so much compassion underneath that judgmental edge that can come up at times!  All along, you have been perfect, loved, and deeply spiritual. To work on your own self-love, there are many meditations and visualizations out there.  Mainly, it starts with accepting yourself and loving yourself at every step. Even if you’re single, you’re in a relationship with your body. Get grateful for your body! And you will attract another body–your soulmate’s body!  Your soul has incarnated into your body, but your soul has also incarnated into a body of another–your Twin Flame.  Your other half. Getting grateful of your own body, acting loving towards it is a powerful way to attract your Twin Flame.  In my third video How to Become a Soulmate MagnetI give you some powerful self-care tools and inspiration so you can get in your body.

Gratitude affirmations are powerful.

When it comes to attracting your Twin Flame, affirmations are a very powerful tool.  I will be writing a blog on how to write affirmations in the most effective way for Twin Flame manifestation, stay tuned! For now, here is a free affirmation freebie:

Twin Flame Gratitude Affirmation:

“I am my love and my love is me.  I am grateful for my own love and for the love surrounding me. I am grateful for all the love in my life, down to every last human, every last animal, vegetable, and spinning molecule. I affirm my love and gratitude for God/Goddess, for myself, for all beings, and of my Twin Flame relationship.”

Twin Flame Love

Fairytales, Twin Flames, and Happily Ever After

By Amanda Noelle, PhD

Check out the video version of this blog!: Work MAGIC to manifest your Twin Flame fairytale!

nce upon a time there was a magical little girl who was tricked by an evil toad into believing that she wasn’t Divinely perfect. He told her that there was something innately wrong with her, and that no one could ever truly love her, least of all her One True Love. Even though the evil toad’s words hurt the little girl to the core, she swallowed her tears and persevered through life, knowing that someday she would heal and find her True Love. The girl grew up to be a beautiful-hearted woman, a gifted healer, and a lover of all things Divine. Though she faced many trials and travails, the dream of attracting her one true Twin Flame motivated her through her healing evolution.  She kept her Light shining bright, mended the hurt Inner Child, and realized that it was all a lie — Silly toad! In fact, one day she realized that she was actually a true High Priestess and that she was ready for her Priest. 

The Twin Flame Love frequencies are here, and woman, that girl is YOU!!! 

All of us grew up believing in fairytales. Whether it was Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, or Anastasia, these tales helped us live in fantasy to escape from our own pain and abandonment as children. Yet they have stuck with us in our adulthood, and these tales are only distorted reflections of our hopes and dreams. In order to realize the true fairytale, we must deprogram the distortion and clarify our realest version of Happily Ever After.  In this blog, I help you do just that if you so wish!

Deprogramming Cinderella Syndrome

Someday My Prince Will Come…Sure, that’s true, but not if you sit back on your laurels in your silly watchtower being trapped by your evil stepmother or queen (the false feminine, as opposed to the Divine Feminine upholding Divine Truth). Someday was a great idea, until someday came along and brought us lots of pain and heartache when we tried to squeeze a Happily Ever After out of the wrong mate, potential partner, or crush obsession. Ouch. Heartbroken and disappointed a few times over, yet that’s what it takes to learn the lesson. That no matter how hard we try, no man, person, place, or thing can heal us until we are willing to do the “dirty work” within ourselves. It is Lightwork actually, even when it seemed dirty and painful at the time, the results are so bright little Cinderella birdies will wanna flutter all around.

Through fairytales, we learned the main distorted message: a damsel in distress can be saved from all evil, entrapment, and from being neglected and abandoned, simply by attracting a handsome prince!  In a nutshell, fairytales, though romantic and love-inspiring, teach a distorted message and false promises that can create a lot of heartache and relationship disfunction. Or even divorce… That is not so romantic! To inspire True Love, we must re-write fairytales in a way that empowers us–girls and women–especially the Inner Child.  Ultimately, our fairytales must emphasize the harmonization of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.  The balance between independence and inter-dependence will triumph over disfunctional co-dependence forevermore.

Yes loves, it is time to transition out of Cinderella Syndrome, from Damsel in Distress into Twin Flame Love!  These relationships will truly be Awakened ones, and hold full potential for true Happily Ever After. In truth, we Cinderellas out there have to “save” ourselves first.  Being self-saved Power Priestesses makes us very eligible and attractive to the right sexy-souled partner.  That way he or she doesn’t have to take care of us like a wounded daughter or little girl. Further, no one else, I repeate no one, can actually save us when we are up our damsel high towers when we are too stubborn to save ourselves first. To save ourselves, all it takes is a conscioussness.  ”I save myself consciousness” instantly dissolves “Save me consciousness”–you will attract an entirely different species of mate. So go do it and enjoy!

Again, to access Twin Flame Love, or any type of love, we must first realize it within ourselves.  This can seem like no easy feat, especially when we have grown up in a world where our Inner Child was scarred, scared, and felt separated from the Sacred.  However, that was then and this is now; the healed and whole Inner Child can now align with the Inner High Priestess to attract her Divine Partner.  This is the new paradigm of 2012.

Awakening Divine Love within ourselves requires us to first observe and undo the love-limits that have scarred us and blocked us from receiving external love just like the deep moat of water and thorny brambles surrounding a castle preventing Mr. Right from traipsing in. I’ve included an easy meditation below called “Healing Your Inner Child Fairytale Meditation” that is designed to quickly clear out subconscious blocks that limit love.

The Truth about Happily Ever After

True Happily Ever After does not mean being lazy, easy, or loving without compromise. Relationships take work, just like a magical garden takes energy for it to grow. Like a relationship, you must water and plant and weed. You must decide which new fruits and plants you want to harvest; there are a lot of decisions and actions to take. You must remain commited, excited, and focused on the joy of the prizes that arrive daily.  You must be able to cut your losses of the tomatoes that rot on the vine. Further, in the Garden of Love, you may prick yourself on the rose bush on occassion; even when her blossoms are so lovely it still hurts! We are all human, and we must learn from eartlhy lessons.  There will always be joy, there will always be pain, surrender, and loss in creation, growth, and magic sometimes, in the Divine Garden on Earth, and through the Twin Flame Unions here. But on the whole, Happily Ever After can be had, as long as we align with God/Goddess and Divine Love that begins within.  I bless you and praise you for being the brave little girl who is awakening fully to her Divine Feminine light as we speak!



Healing Your Inner Child Fairytale Meditation:

Sit in a safe space and get into a grounded meditation mode.  Relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Candles, incense, chakras spinned, and three ohms if you so please! 

Imagine yourself as the most spiffy and fantastical fairy-magic castle in your own fairytale.  The castle is YOU, and it also represents the home, hearth, womb, shelter, mother, Feminine, Divine Mother, etc.  See a giant moat around it, and a scratchy overgrowth of thorny brambles that block out the love of your Divine Partner. Ouch!  Ewwe!

Then, see a thick, heavy drawbridge that attaches to a mighty golden Divine Door to your own Divine Heart of this castle of you. Ahhh… Now acknowledge that the brambles have served you for these many years to protect you from perceived dangers. But also know that you no longer need them, for they were keeping both good and evil out, and blocking you from fully receiving as a High Priestess.  Ask your guides to come into the scene now and allow the drawbridge to come down, allowing the door to your Divine Heart to gently open. Then feel the guides’ wisdom and protection watching over you and the door so that your castle is safe, protected, yet welcome to the right Beloved and loved ones who need to pass over the moat.  Know now that there is no reason to attract thieves or Twin Flame counterfeits who attempt to steal hearts for you are protected, you are loved, you are love, and you are the Sacred Goddess Temple of De-Light.