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Why Being Shy Never Wins: Play BIG to Attract Your Soulmate and Anything Else Your Heart Desires

So you want to attract your Twin FlameThe Law of Attraction is great, but playing BIG in the “real” physical world is better that using affirmations and energy work alone. Here are three hot tips to help you meet your divine match by playing big, bold, and fearlessly in your dating world.



Tip Number One: Just Do It!

Ask him out! Flirt. Ask him to ask you out. Go online dating! Be bold. Drop something accidentally and see how he reacts. Dress a little sexier if you’re normally in sweats… Do something that gets you out of the house. Girl, just take your pick, make your move, and dive in!

Just Do it Success Story:

My client J hadn’t been on a date in 6 years. Before that, she’d dated a slew of bad boyz who didn’t honor the amazingness that she is.  So, we worked together on getting her on *a date* and get her back into dating shape. She posted her profile on, and within a week she’d dated two really great guys!  Her skin glowed, her confidence started coming back, and she felt sexy again.  Guess what happened? Within only a few short weeks, she met handsome S, her awesome soulmate/Twin Flame and they lived happily ever after (at least so far).

Moral of the story: get online this week if you haven’t tried it already and you have been dateless for more than one year or so.

You might not meet him online, but that doesn’t matter. Various clients and friends of mine who have been through a dating dry spell will initially get online as a tool to get the juices flowing. Then, with boosted confidence, they’ll randomly meet a guy at the grocery store or notice someone at work and end up dating offline, thinking “Why haven’t I met him before!?” Boys attract more boys through the Law of Male Competition.  Everyone wants a queen bee. Moral of the story: online dating breeds more dating! Get out there and try it out.

Tip Two: Don’t Worry About Getting Rejected

Although it goes against our natural instincts, getting rejected is the best medicine to attract your Twin Flame.  It means that you’re able to love yourself most of all when it appears that God (or in this case, some man or human specimen) doesn’t love and adore you back.

Who cares if he doesn’t like you back?! Go find someone who will! In truth, you are God’s lovechild, and there’s no reason not to be loved… However, you do have to realize the somewhat harsh fact that you simply won’t be loved in that soulmate way by all beings because that’s just how it works – and it would be really complicated. Would you want three million soulmates knocking on your door? I think not!  It’s funny how obsessed we become about not being rejected, when truly the main goal should be to get accepted by our one true perfect match.

Finally, I work with many women who have suffered from body image/self-esteem issues, like I have myself. We beat ourselves up for not being perfect and convince ourselves that we have to change in order to get an attractive guy to love us. Don’t fall for it! It was all a misinterpretation from a shampoo ad campaign you watched in the 80s. Real men want real women; humans like honest and real organic beauty more than sliced and diced makeup perfection. Despite what the cosmetic sales people or plastic surgeons may tell you (it’s probably for their children’s college tuition, so don’t take it personally).

Just a little beauty accenting and color highlights for fun and play is OK. Don’t go overboard. Allow your own true beauty to shine through to attract your Twin Flame with your authentic self. If he rejects you because you have a zit or some larger pores or a cellulite butt like I have, move on; that’s not true love! Your Twin Flame will love all of you and find you absolutely sexy.

Tip Three: Be yourself

As tempting as it is to play the “perfect girl” to win love by someone who thinks you’re the cat’s PJs and best actress in town, pretending to be someone you’re not is going to get old real fast. Real fast.

Start the date/relationship by just being yourself. This will pay off BIG! Let your true colors fly. It doesn’t mean that you cannot impress your potential mate, or even shine a bit from the start, but do so with authenticity.  Show some imperfections. While wearing the perfect outfit on the first date can be fun, are you able to dress it down after dinner with some walking shoes and a windbreaker to go on that beach hike?  I hope so, because no one wants to be his Royal Prince Charming’s b*tch.  No darling, you are a queen and queen bees get to set their own rules!  For a video to help you dress of succsexiness to attract your Twin Flame, click here.

It’s so darn simple: it’s super important to seek out your soulmate from a place of passion and taking inspired action.  It’s all about playing BIG in the outer game, while nurturing your inner game too.

Go go go, girl, you go this one. Here’s to your implementation of these three hot tips to help you meet your divine match by playing a big outer game. Go have a great week and treat yourself with great care while getting out there in a BIG way!  Thanks for reading, see you on the flip side, and please post your comments below and share with your social groups.

In Love,

Aphrodite’s Appprentice
(AKA Dr. Amanda Noelle)

Aphrodite's Apprentice

Magenta Pixie interviews Aphrodite’s Apprentice on Twin Flame Love:

Ready for your Divine playmate!?

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Like it HOT? How to Attract an Attractive Soulmate

Searing hot Twin Flame Sipping HOT SAUCE!

Mild, medium, or HOT? Sometimes salsa just isn’t salsa without the spice–just like your soulmate isn’t attractive without the hot physical package!  We are human and have a taste for beautiful things.  We have evolved from looks oriented creatures: birds, then goats, then gorillas. These animals appreciate beauty and so do we. Like ducks who choose the pretty mallard feathers, or the she-goats who select the winning mountain goat for his large horns, or the lucky gorilla gal who gets the coveted silverback, we humans can go gaga for good looking guys or gals. In this post, I will talk about how to bag a babe that you actually find attractive–on both physical and spiritual levels! Have I attracted your attention yet?

Attractiveness doesn’t have to be generic

Despite the fact that the soul doesn’t care about physical form, our humanness does. It needs physical beauty and attraction (however you define that) for a healthy soulmate/Twin Flame relationship. Without the spice and attraction, you got yourself a best friend and nothing more.  Nothing wrong with a best friend, but don’t kid yourself.

You are probably saying, “Amanda, isn’t it superficial to say that attractive people are better than less attractive people on a soul level?” And I’m saying No, it’s not. Because attractiveness is spiritual.  And its not the Hollywood kinda pretty or hot I am talking about, as attractiveness does not have to be generic. True beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. In fact, true attractiveness is simply a spiritual vibration based on high levels of sacred geometry.  The beholder interprets the geometry however he or she “likes” beauty.  True spiritual beauty emanates from our physical form and it resonates with the beloved onlooker–on an eyes, ears, nose, and especially an energetic level. This is the alchemy of seeing your Twin Flame’s true beauty–beauty can only be seen by those who understand the secrets of sacred beauty.

Alchemical attractiveness lesson one: Beauty is unique.

Everyone’s attractiveness taste buds are unique, just as everyone looks unique. So there’s someone for you – there’s someone for everyone!  A perfect mach on all the levels, beauty included.  Throw it out NOW, the old paradigm of everyone wants Brad Pitt. That’s so boring!  Stop trying to look act and be the same as the same old boring plastic model. Be you beautiful one. And stop lusting after generic plastic beauty that lacks substance.  Remember those those generically hot guys or bombshell gals that everyone wanted to date or be in high school (and sometimes they manage to stay ladies men or it girls for many years)? Where are they now?  Most likely they either abused or ran away from or hopefully came to terms with the superficiality of their so-called physical perfection that got them in the door (or nether-region).  A lot of the Hollywood hot people are actually suffocated or suffering with their beauty because no one can see the real them.

Yes beautiful: true beauty is on a much deeper level.  We are all here by Divine Design; we are created by our creator with a perfect divine plan.  We are gifted with the perfect package.  We are all incredibly attractive to our Twin Flame, and vice versa.  We are even granted a certain number of soulmates who find us stunning and make us feel our own attractiveness.  Sometimes it can be annoying when you’re not attracted back to these people (a soulmate whose lesson/gift is to uplift your beauty confidence)! When I was in Italy I got a ton of cat calls and suitors who complimented me to the point where I stopped doing my own beauty affirmations because being told that I was hot all day long by these stallioni burned the message into my subconscious. Ironically, though their compliments helped me get into ”I’m hot” instead of “I’m not” thinking, I only ended up being attracted to three men during my 3-year love affair with Italy. More ironically was that none of these men hit on me until later in our dating. Still, I will always be grateful for coming of age in Italy and hope that more American and Anglo men can learn the art of flattery and compliments from their Latin counterparts.

Ultimately, it’s about having both mutual physical attraction and mutual soul attraction for the right soulmate. Guess where it starts? It starts within…

Use the Law of Attraction!

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” Therefore, if you want to attract someone that you find attractive, you must first find yourself attractive. Hopefully you like what you see in the mirror!  It’s no easy feat in this culture, where we limit the ideas of beauty.  Especially for women, right!? I myself suffered from Barbie complex (and I still catch myself in moments sometimes) where I thought unless I looked like the perfect skinny toned perky Californian blondie, I couldn’t be loved or beautiful.  It sucks when you live in fear of cellulite, water retention, wrinkles, pimples, and all the other stuff that comes with being woman/human! That’s not pretty. True beauty is confidence. Self-acceptance. Joy. Trust. Good posture.  Open-heartedness. A smile is beautiful.  In a nutshell, when you are radiant, glowing yourself, your own true Divine frequency out to the Universe, that is beautiful. Then you are a real bite of bait for the right soulmate.

Fall in love with yourself

That’s it. That’s what it takes–become a narcissist!  Kidding. That’s so not the right word…Self-adoring, that’s a better fit! You don’t have to be self-absorbed in a selfish or narcissistic way to love yourself.  True self-love is the kind where you are so in love with yourself that you see God/Goddess in yourself.  Then, you see that God/Goddess and you are one. You feel the oneness of your soul with all souls, with divinity.  You look in the mirror and see love and light that comes from your being a child of God/Goddess. And that you are not separate from God/Goddess.  This becomes very exciting! Then you realize that all beings are little fractions of God, or more like microcosms of the macrocosm through which you can explore Oneness.

There are many potential soulmates out there for you to test out

Some are zany, insane, sexy, scary, goofy, interesting, boring, annoying, beautiful, and highly unattractive reflections of God/Goddess.  Your job: to love everything and everyone in an unconditionally loving and compassionate way while discerning what is best for you as a human.  It is not wrong to be attracted to certain types and not others.  It is not wrong if you grew up around a certain type of person and feel comfortable marrying only that type of person.  Never date (in the long term, one date is OK!) or marry someone you’re not attracted to.  I do suggest trying to date outside of your race, class, spirituality, social group etc., so that you can understand Oneness through diversity.  You will learn a lot as you seek out your Twin Flame.  Moreover, it is possible that your Twin Flame is not a part of your inner circle/race etc. Many Twin Flames have reported to be living in different parts of the globe yet attract each other through divine guidance (plus online connecting or crossing during travels). They seem to often know that despite the differences of culture/race etc., there is an instant feeling Twin Flame recognition that is quite strong.

Your soul knows what you need, and your human self will be guided and follow the path perfectly to the perfect mate.  It’s OK to kiss a few frogs on the journey too, but do keep in mind that you must be happy, blissful, satisfied!  It all starts with gratitude for where you’re at, which is what I discussed in my article Harnessing Gratitude to Harness  your Twin Flame!

Fall in love with the mirror to attract an attractive partner

Self-Love & Beauty Mirror Ritual:

Look in the mirror and repeat the following prayer/affirmation:

“I am beautiful. I love the soul that I see appearing in the mirror. The soul in the mirror loves me back. She (or he) is me.  I love the home–the temple body of my soul.  My body, skin, face, hair and every nuance of me is perfect.  By Divine Design, I am pure and perfect love. I love myself. I am attractive. I am sexy. I am beauty. I am joy coming into human incarnation.  My lashes are luscious. My skin is soft. Every corner, curve, wrinkle and nerve of me is placed perfectly so that I can attract the right person/people into my life.  My body serves me for my highest purpose and I love her.  My body is pretty sexy! My curves are gorgeous.  My imperfections are totally perfect. I love the things I complain about, and I complain about them less and less.  I love me, for all of me! Thank God/dess for the body I have, and the soul mates with which I share my body are damn lucky!”


Twin Flame Love


How I Manifested Love: How to Command the Universe to Give You the Works

You might as well get what you want in this lifetime.

Whether it’s money, a house, or Twin Flame Love, you can have it.
YOU are creating this lifetime for yourself, this is YOUR storyline, despite what it may appear. To become a victim in the plot is simply an experience from which we can learn.

What does it feel like to become a victim? No fun! I should know… I have been a five-star victim. A few years ago, I was desperate, depressed, broke, and heartbroken.
I whined for almost 2.5 years straight… “Why was I left so coldly by a partner who I thought would marry me!?” –that was the victim recording playing on re-play in my head.
I blamed him for not loving me.
I hated the Universe for providing me with a “fool’s gold Twin Flame.” I was brutally humiliated. I was sad. I was pissed!

But then, I realized that I had experienced the biggest lesson of love:
So why not create a winning-script and sculpt and mold my reality to what I TRULY WANT?

I want love. Real love. Unconditional that comes from within. I want it in pink. I want it with a bow on top, and a cherry too. And abundance, and bliss, and love for all my friends, clients, family, and tribe.

Since my victimhood, I have begun to command my reality. Over the past year, this is what has happened:
-I have upgraded to an amazing romantic relationship with an insanely loving soulmate who blows my mind daily with his love, talents, foxiness, and adoration
-I have upgraded my income so I am fully self-employed doing what I love instead of workin’ for the man for only a small cut of what I’m worth
-I am able to go on vacation to tropical places any time of the year, and spent two months of winter in Bali
-I upgraded to a new living situation in the magical hills with a view of San Francisco with two small cottages and a cottage just for my healing office
-I learned a sh$tload and I am so excited to share it with other amazing women/peeps so they don’t have to be victims for much longer too

If I can do it, so can you. For real, I was the worst case of victimhood energy I can imagine.

We’re all meant for living Happily Ever After. YOU are love, and so am I. I can attest that it starts from within, and surrendering to HOW it happens yet commanding the Universe that it MUST happen that it WILL. I know that this whole love thing can be scary, especially if you’ve fallen off the horse once or twice.  Don’t jump in blindly, if you’re not certain, do go slow. I wrote a blog article How Do I Know if Someone Is my Twin Flame? in order to help you ask the right questions to determine whether or not he or she is the one.

You are an ancient master, the answers lie within, and you have a big love sitting at your center: your Divine heart!

Love to you! ~AA~

Twin Flame Love

What is Twin Flame Love? How Do I Attract My Twin Flame?

Twin Flame LoveDearly Beloved,

Welcome! Hi, I am Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker. I specialize in helping single spiritual women healers attract their Twin Flame.  I get asked, what is Twin Flame Love? So I wanted to address that in this blog. Also, I wanted to add in some info about what happened last year (in 2012) during the Shift, and give some info about Twin Flame numbers.

Twin Flame Love  is an energy of Universal life force. Some call it qi, prana, healing force, etc.  It can flow into anything, everything, and is an embodiment of God/Goddess.  On this physical plane, we live in human bodies, and humans have a programming that makes us really like to mate with one and other, which makes finding your Twin Flame or soulmate pretty darn appealing once you’ve been on a spiritual path for a few lifetimes.  Everyone has Twin Flame energy potential, whether they are in a relationship or not.

twin flame loveTwin Flames are couples who have found the other half of their soul incarnate. That is why when they meet their Twin Flame counterpart, they often feel a sense of familiarity or Twin Flame reunion. This can feel very strange as the couple have not yet meet in this lifetime. It’s quite a magical celebration. Yet I must also mention that the signs of the Twin Flame are also identical to the signs of the Twin Flame Counterfeit (TFC), so be careful!  If you have met a Twin Flame Counterfeit and have been hurt, you are not alone, and there is hope for you! You can still attract your Twin Flame, it’s all gonna be fine.

To attract your Twin Flame, you must embody and master all seven chakras with love.  You must be willing to make Heaven on Earth, and bring love and passion into all aspects of your life. Where are you hurting? Is it with money? A family member? Not implementing your healing passions and talents?  Not being able to travel or live in luxury if you secretly so desire?  When we settle for less anywhere in our lives, it shows up in our Twin Flame energy and Twin Flame relationship.

I should also mention that Twin Flame Love does not discriminate against the sexes/genders, etc. Twin Flames can be heterosexual or same-sex couples; gay, straight, bi-sexual, it doesn’t matter!  It also doesn’t matter which member is more masculine or feminine. However, together the pair creates a balanced harmony of yin and yang, female/male energies.

Twin Flame reunionTwin Flame Love must be embodied within each Twin Flame half.  Otherwise, their union or reunion will not be long-term.  For instance, many of my clients who are women have unhealed issues in their lower chakras that show up as unhealed sexual abuse, financial pain, and fear of owning their power as a healer.  So, they want to attract their Twin Flame so they can feel whole. This is wrong and in order for them to get aligned with their Twin Flame, they must first heal and hold themselves.  I work with these women on deep levels to reveal and uncover their essence and land it back into their human consciousness and bodies. There is a Twin Flame Awakening that happens. The healing energy comes through, which is a form of Twin Flame Energy, a breakthrough is made, and often times she meets her Twin shortly after the healing.  One of my clients met her Twin Flame at a restaurant the day after our healing in a town they’d both lived in from birth.  She’d been single for 23 years and was in hear early 60s, so she was super happy to have a quick healing!

2012 was one of the most significant years that brought forward a new wave of Twin Flame consciousness that is forever changing relationships as we know it. 2012 was the initial activation year of Twin Flame Love on our planet.  However, things have been getting better and better on the whole, and 2013 has some exciting potentials.  CLICK the link for my blog Twin Flame Trends in 2013

Read on…