How I Manifested Love: How to Command the Universe to Give You the Works

You might as well get what you want in this lifetime.

Whether it’s money, a house, or Twin Flame Love, you can have it.
YOU are creating this lifetime for yourself, this is YOUR storyline, despite what it may appear. To become a victim in the plot is simply an experience from which we can learn.

What does it feel like to become a victim? No fun! I should know… I have been a five-star victim. A few years ago, I was desperate, depressed, broke, and heartbroken.
I whined for almost 2.5 years straight… “Why was I left so coldly by a partner who I thought would marry me!?” –that was the victim recording playing on re-play in my head.
I blamed him for not loving me.
I hated the Universe for providing me with a “fool’s gold Twin Flame.” I was brutally humiliated. I was sad. I was pissed!

But then, I realized that I had experienced the biggest lesson of love:
So why not create a winning-script and sculpt and mold my reality to what I TRULY WANT?

I want love. Real love. Unconditional that comes from within. I want it in pink. I want it with a bow on top, and a cherry too. And abundance, and bliss, and love for all my friends, clients, family, and tribe.

Since my victimhood, I have begun to command my reality. Over the past year, this is what has happened:
-I have upgraded to an amazing romantic relationship with an insanely loving soulmate who blows my mind daily with his love, talents, foxiness, and adoration
-I have upgraded my income so I am fully self-employed doing what I love instead of workin’ for the man for only a small cut of what I’m worth
-I am able to go on vacation to tropical places any time of the year, and spent two months of winter in Bali
-I upgraded to a new living situation in the magical hills with a view of San Francisco with two small cottages and a cottage just for my healing office
-I learned a sh$tload and I am so excited to share it with other amazing women/peeps so they don’t have to be victims for much longer too

If I can do it, so can you. For real, I was the worst case of victimhood energy I can imagine.

We’re all meant for living Happily Ever After. YOU are love, and so am I. I can attest that it starts from within, and surrendering to HOW it happens yet commanding the Universe that it MUST happen that it WILL. I know that this whole love thing can be scary, especially if you’ve fallen off the horse once or twice.  Don’t jump in blindly, if you’re not certain, do go slow. I wrote a blog article How Do I Know if Someone Is my Twin Flame? in order to help you ask the right questions to determine whether or not he or she is the one.

You are an ancient master, the answers lie within, and you have a big love sitting at your center: your Divine heart!

Love to you! ~AA~

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