What is Twin Flame Love? How Do I Attract My Twin Flame?

Twin Flame LoveDearly Beloved,

Welcome! Hi, I am Dr. Amanda Noelle, the Twin Flame Matchmaker. I specialize in helping single spiritual women healers attract their Twin Flame.  I get asked, what is Twin Flame Love? So I wanted to address that in this blog. Also, I wanted to add in some info about what happened last year (in 2012) during the Shift, and give some info about Twin Flame numbers.

Twin Flame Love  is an energy of Universal life force. Some call it qi, prana, healing force, etc.  It can flow into anything, everything, and is an embodiment of God/Goddess.  On this physical plane, we live in human bodies, and humans have a programming that makes us really like to mate with one and other, which makes finding your Twin Flame or soulmate pretty darn appealing once you’ve been on a spiritual path for a few lifetimes.  Everyone has Twin Flame energy potential, whether they are in a relationship or not.

twin flame loveTwin Flames are couples who have found the other half of their soul incarnate. That is why when they meet their Twin Flame counterpart, they often feel a sense of familiarity or Twin Flame reunion. This can feel very strange as the couple have not yet meet in this lifetime. It’s quite a magical celebration. Yet I must also mention that the signs of the Twin Flame are also identical to the signs of the Twin Flame Counterfeit (TFC), so be careful!  If you have met a Twin Flame Counterfeit and have been hurt, you are not alone, and there is hope for you! You can still attract your Twin Flame, it’s all gonna be fine.

To attract your Twin Flame, you must embody and master all seven chakras with love.  You must be willing to make Heaven on Earth, and bring love and passion into all aspects of your life. Where are you hurting? Is it with money? A family member? Not implementing your healing passions and talents?  Not being able to travel or live in luxury if you secretly so desire?  When we settle for less anywhere in our lives, it shows up in our Twin Flame energy and Twin Flame relationship.

I should also mention that Twin Flame Love does not discriminate against the sexes/genders, etc. Twin Flames can be heterosexual or same-sex couples; gay, straight, bi-sexual, it doesn’t matter!  It also doesn’t matter which member is more masculine or feminine. However, together the pair creates a balanced harmony of yin and yang, female/male energies.

Twin Flame reunionTwin Flame Love must be embodied within each Twin Flame half.  Otherwise, their union or reunion will not be long-term.  For instance, many of my clients who are women have unhealed issues in their lower chakras that show up as unhealed sexual abuse, financial pain, and fear of owning their power as a healer.  So, they want to attract their Twin Flame so they can feel whole. This is wrong and in order for them to get aligned with their Twin Flame, they must first heal and hold themselves.  I work with these women on deep levels to reveal and uncover their essence and land it back into their human consciousness and bodies. There is a Twin Flame Awakening that happens. The healing energy comes through, which is a form of Twin Flame Energy, a breakthrough is made, and often times she meets her Twin shortly after the healing.  One of my clients met her Twin Flame at a restaurant the day after our healing in a town they’d both lived in from birth.  She’d been single for 23 years and was in hear early 60s, so she was super happy to have a quick healing!

2012 was one of the most significant years that brought forward a new wave of Twin Flame consciousness that is forever changing relationships as we know it. 2012 was the initial activation year of Twin Flame Love on our planet.  However, things have been getting better and better on the whole, and 2013 has some exciting potentials.  CLICK the link for my blog Twin Flame Trends in 2013

Twin Flame Love

Learn about some important Twin Flame numbers, even though 2012 is over.

Numerologically, 2012 was pretty awesome. 2012…You’ve got a PB&J sandwich of a number: the 2s are the bread, and the 0 and the 1 are the P&B.  The bread of coupledom (2s) and the “meat,” or PB in our metaphor’s case, of Oneness (togetherness-1) met at the Zero Point (of emptiness, 0, no expectations, and clarity from the illusion).

Also, when you add up the sum of the numbers (2+0+1+2), you get 5, which is a number of perfect balance between 0-10 (like .5 is exactly a half of 1).  Thus, 5 is the balance point, or “Zero Point” of emptiness/zero (Yin) and infinite fullness (Yang). The Twin Flame Zero Point is where the masculine meets the feminine to create a third “neuter” energy.  It’s like a man and woman having a child, the sun and earth creating life.

Also, the 2s in 2012 hold the 11:11 energies within them: 2=1+1.  1+1 without the plus sign is 11, like the Roman numeral. Thus, 2-0-1-2 stands for 11-0-1-11: 11s surrounding 0 and 1. The 11s represent Twin Flames, two-as-one, or Parallel Oneness. Next, 0=the Zero Point of Oneness, and 1= the singular energy of Oneness.  Therefore, on the Shift in 2012, we celebrated the paradoxical energies of Oneness all wrapped together in one tasty combo platter! We have entered a true Golden Era. And what better way than to do so as humans than with our Twin Flame same-soul sexy soulmate counterpart!?

Twin Flame LoveSide note: Why is 11 or 11:11 a Twin Flame number?

Everyone in the spiritual new age world was going crazy on 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 11…Why? Well, 11 is a Twin Flame number! And that date was an important milestone in the energetic shifts on Gaia stepping us into the new Twin Flame Love frequencies.

It is no coincidence also that eleven looks like the equal sign sideways: 11=equal! Eleven represents two equal whole ones (beings) who come together as two beings in a singular unit.  As eleven is a single number with double digits, it is like the two strands of DNA or two lines of kundalini that run up the spine: together, the two polarized counterparts create a strong whole, the yin and yang energies together creating the fusion it takes to create new universes.  Indeed, in the case of 11, Aristotle’s famous quote is true:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” -Aristotle

5 = Aphrodite!

As I have said, when you add up the sum of the numbers (2+0+1+2), you get 5. Five is the number of Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess of love, sacred sexuality, romance, fertility, beauty, and bliss.  Which is why we have Fish Friday even today in Christianity. Fish Friday is simply an adaptation from the old Pagan form of Aphrodite/Venus worship (she is the same Goddess, Aphrodite is Greek and Venus is Roman).  Venerdi` Friday in Italian which literally corresponds to Venus the Goddess (and the planet). 2012 was another Divine Feminine portal opening that has been locked for thousands of years.

2012 gave us a new golden number of harmony between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Historically speaking, 2012 was the beginning of a new period where we can celebrate the ways of powerful women, through the Divine Feminine.  The 3,000 year-long era of patriarchy is crumbling, the one that has been dominant since Egyptian times.  Sooo many lifetimes to learn from! Think about it: only a few hundred years ago, women had no rights both legally and energetically (or so was the illusion), yet now post 2012, women are changing the world, all around the world, very quickly! Our power is restored.

In the past, we lived in a world where relationships were not half-half, where one partner worked harder either in love, healing, or in the real world, and things were imbalanced. Often during this distorted patriarchal paradigm, the woman worked harder and suffered within the home, and the man suffered and worked harder outside the home.  So the couple suffered without a true Twin Flame balance (not fun for anyone!).

There are going to be a lot fewer empty marriages based on false power and false male-control. The Twin Flame Love frequencies celebrate the harmony between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masucline, not the False Masculine (ugggh!).  In the past 50 years, women have been awaking to our power; we have stepped out of the shadows, and many of us are reclaiming our goddess tiaras and our ever-so-powerful hearts. These love so deeply, and these are what call in the Twin Flame relationships that are based on unconditional love and Divine connection.

The 60s until now have been an awkward growth period for the entire human collective. When it came to love, we went from grumpy little kids forced into schools of false-thinking, to gnarly teenagers, and now we are DONE! We awoke… We are now fully spiritually ready to become enlightened adults. To love fully, in all aspects, without fees, fears, or attachments, and now with a good head on our shoulders.  We are wiser than ever post 2012, and with open hearts.  There are a few annoying patterns still to undo (past abuse energies from ancestors, low-self esteem, intimacy fears, etc.), but the Golden Era is a time to create Heaven on Earth, to figure these out and move beyond them.  Women are more empowered, happy, healthy, wealthy and more beautiful than ever.  What great matches they make for their soulmates!  Finally, we are here to be embodied spirits, not just energy. We are here to make real true shifts on the planet, and to have real human love relationships.  Otherwise, what’s the point of coming to earth to be spiritual but sad, single, poor, and emotionally dysfunctional your whole life!?

Optional visualization:

If you are single, and ready to find your Twin Flame Love/soulmate soon, I ask you to tune into the number 5, the number of balance within yourself.  You have a left and a right side, a male and a female side, a judgmental and a compassionate one.  Integrating these sides into the balance is what is creating this magical Golden Age where anything is possible. I also suggest envisioning the number 2012 in your meditation: see yourself co-existing between the emptiness of the Zero and the fullness of Oneness, the 100%.

This was the shift of the 2012 magic: you are now empty and full at the same moment, free of the past and all expectation of the future, yet because you are free you are free to have it all, everything you’ve always dreamed of.  Even when you dreamed in your Darkest Hour, or in your Lightest Life. You are always love.

Blessings and Light!


Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker and owner at Aphrodite’ s Apprentice

To schedule your FREE Twin Flame Strategy Session with Dr. Noelle, you must be a single female who is ready to meet her Twin Flame and you are interested in long-term matchmaking work. Session is done via phone or Skype.

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